Worldwide Customer Service

Here at TCA we work hard to take care of our customers. Our service has three elements that combine to form a superior support system.

1)      Customer Support – First and foremost we support our customers. Our service line is open 24/7, and we are able to answer in a variety of languages. We also have a number of our staff who are ready to travel at all times to our clients’ facilities in a matter of hours. Hungary, France, China, Mexico or anywhere else—we’ll be there.

2)      Product Support – We provide support for every system we manufacture. We offer warranties, replacement parts and wear parts. We also provide field service in two forms. In addition to facility visits, we can provide an implanted modem in the systems we build. This lets us log in remotely to see what’s going on with the system. Our clients explain to us what’s happening—or not happening—we see it in the software and we make the appropriate adjustments remotely, or we walk our clients through solving the problem.

3)      Production Support –We’re here to support our clients and keep them in production. We can provide preventative maintenance to make sure that equipment not only keeps running, but keeps running optimally. We can also provide training so that our clients can perform this preventative maintenance. We also offer equipment refurbishment and retooling.  Additionally, during the manufacture and testing of new equipment we are sometimes able to speed our clients’ product to market by providing limited production so that the product may be qualified and early marketing activities can begin

Our job is never done here at TCA. With every system we build we form a partnership. We’re here to support our clients and their systems in whatever way they need.

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