Some Kind Words

We recently completed a major contract for machinery to manufacture a critical component for electric cars (EV).  The success of this equipment as well as the timeline for the manufacturer was absolutely essential.  Our customer was comfortable awarding this project to us because of their confidence in our development capabilities and our ability to meet the stringent timelines.  This project involved a complete development cycle from R&D through to a first production line and then multiple production lines.  The Director of Process Development for another customer (an international corporation in the construction components field) for whom we did a project involving an even more complex development cycle said the following:

“As you are aware [we] established an aggressive timeline for completion of this multi-million dollar project.  The challenges were diverse, including elements of product development, process development, manufacturing system development and supply. The ability of the TCA team to quickly prototype various manufacturing options and perform proof-of-principle trials was invaluable, both in terms of timeline and cost containment.  TCA’s capacity to provide a significant level of production from the prototype process allowed us to perform product and market tests as well as supply commercial product to support our early sales activity.  Additionally, your ability to remain flexible in the design/build process of the production line equipment allowed us to take advantage of what we were learning as we worked together to refine and optimize the prototype process.  The fact that all of these activities could take place side-by-side in the same facility with the same project team resulted in a synergy that provided a positive impact on our ability to bring this product to market in a timely and cost-effective fashion.  We are now in the final stages of bringing this project to a successful conclusion and … Without your help, we would not be where we are today …”

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