Coming Up with a Process Development Strategy for Your Product

You come up with a great idea for a new product that will completely turn your industry on its head. It’s brilliant, and as you work out the details for the product itself, you may overlook the actual processes that will bring this idea to life. By the end of your planning, you have a pile of sketches and either insufficient resources or no idea how to turn them into reality. Sound familiar?

TCA's Process Development Strategy

TCA’s Process Development Strategy

At TCA Technologies, we see this scenario all the time. Our technical team has a wealth of process development and automation experience. First, we will discuss your project requirements to understand your product vision and help you define our overall end-goals. Next, we’ll work with you to determine the manufacturing processes required to satisfy not only your immediate needs, but also develop a strategy to ramp up production to satisfy future capacity requirements. If the product launch is very successful, the scope of the project will typically need to change to accommodate growth. We always want to be sure everyone is on the same page and prepared to manage situations as they arise in case of unforeseen scope changes.

After we have all of the process details figured out, we will move on to the “Proof of Principles” phase which is a pretty exciting step since this is the phase we get started with hands-on research and development to determine the appropriate processes, procedures and methods required to produce your end product. Once we get all of these details sorted out, we can then start performing trials and tests to validate the initial process “Proof of Principles”. Next we will gather all of our test results, and collaborate with you to analyze them and figure out which manufacturing processes will work best for your project. You never want to rush into anything without first going through this detailed analysis. This will save you a lot of time, resources, and development costs down the road (trust us!).

Once we develop the right path, we can begin implementing the manufacturing processes for full scale production based on the outlined requirements and procedures we co-developed together. Our custom automation solutions can satisfy just about any project you can envision, and going through process development with TCA Technologies and you our customer ensures an even greater level of understanding and ultimately mutual success between us.

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