Celebrating 20 Years

In 1996 the ‘888’ area code is introduced in the US, ‘Braveheart’ won an Academy Award, Bill Clinton was president, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw got married, and TCA Technologies opened its doors.

This month marks the 20th Anniversary of TCA being in business. To commemorate this milestone, we decided to share the story of how TCA came to be.

Old TriCity Office

Old TriCity Office

TCA was founded in 1996 under the original company name TriCity Automation.  TCA founder Dave Nelson studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of Waterloo and was  working as the  manager of machine assembly and testing at New Automation, where he developed his technical digital machine design skills.  This was the era when hand-drawn blueprints of machinery were being replaced by computerized 2D CAD models. Dave decided to venture out on his own and provide customers in the automation industry with state-of-the-art engineered automation equipment.


In the coming years Dave continued developing long-standing relationships within the Automotive industry, and would eventually branch out to diversify TCA’s experience within healthcare, thermoplastics, electronics and robotics.

In 2007 TriCity made the decision to re-brand the company under the name TCA Technologies to better reflect the wide range of capabilities and expertise it had become known for.  At its core, TCA has strived to provide dependable automation solutions using the most innovative engineering methods  in the industry. Today, TCA continues to put its customers first by constantly reinvesting in new technologies and innovative techniques.


The successes that we’ve celebrated over the past 20 years are a direct reflection of the dedication, loyalty and hard work of our customers and staff.

This anniversary is a great time to reflect on what we’ve accomplished, the journey we’ve taken to get here, and the plans we have for the future.

As we continue to focus on long-term growth, I wanted to take the time to give my sincerest and heartfelt thanks to the people who have stood behind and beside us over the past twenty years.


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