A Look at What’s to Come in the Composites Manufacturing Industry

airliners,jets,planes,transportation,aerospace manufacturingComposites are the result of two or more materials blending the desired properties of each of the original materials into a completely new product. Over the years, they’ve gained popularity thanks to the endless possibilities of a product that can be strong, lightweight, corrosion-resistant, etc., depending on the resources being used.

In a previous blog, we discussed the benefits of composite materials. Today, we’re looking into what’s new in the industry and what we can expect in the future. At the moment, getting manufacturers educated about this growing manufacturing trend is a major priority. In New York, for example, the Long Island Forum for Technology (LIFT) has been established to encourage local aerospace and defense suppliers to consider swapping out metal parts in favor of plastic composites. Long Island is home to between 400 and 500 aerospace manufacturing companies, a relatively large market for this small area. This represents a great opportunity to promote the benefits of composites in the aerospace manufacturing sector. And thanks to LIFT’s Composite Prototyping Center, the transition will be that much easier.

Another initiative to promote the use of composites in manufacturing is the upcoming “A Winning Edge: the difference is design” event being hosted by Bentley Motors next month. The event will take place at Bentley’s headquarters in Crewe, North West England on April 29th. The main purpose of the event is to foster innovation in the manufacturing supply chain by introducing attendees to lower cost production techniques and materials. Using composites for large-scale transportation vehicle and equipment manufacturing can reduce vehicle weight and fuel consumption, thereby increasing efficiency.

Hopefully, with these new initiatives spreading the word about composites, we’ll see greater adoption in the aerospace and defense, and automotive manufacturing sectors. What other trends are you seeing in composites lately? Let us know by tweeting us!

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