New Materials and Technologies Shaking Up Healthcare

The pharmaceutical industry is constantly changing, which can make it hard to keep up with new advances in medicine. Here, we’ve recapped some of the top trends we’re seeing in the pharmaceutical sector.

New Materials

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New Materials Revolutionizing Medical Devices

As medicine becomes more personalized, new equipment is constantly being designed to help patients better manage their conditions on their own. Handheld devices – including glucose monitors, blood pressure cuffs, fingertip pulse oximeters, and more – are gaining popularity among consumers. But products like this require ease of use and durability. For this reason, new plastics are being developed that are lighter and stronger.

But good medical device design needs to take into account more than just everyday wear and tear, because devices in clinical settings also require frequent cleanings. It is vitally important that plastic equipment housings are resistant to degradation from cleaning solutions. Fortunately, a number of companies have realized this need, and are already coming up with new plastic materials that check all the boxes.


Customized Medicine with 3-D Printing

3D Printing

You’ve probably seen a dozen stories about new medical devices being 3D printed for unique applications (if you want more examples, here are 10 animals who have benefited from 3D printed prosthetics). But this technology is not limited to medical devices; it can now be used to customize medication dosages, too. Because each person is different, they may require more or less medicine than a standard-dose pill can offer. Creating a pill dosage designed for each patient can help each person get the right amount of medicine for their needs.

Medical Marijuana Manufacturing

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Prescriptions for Medical Marijuana Fuel Development

As more areas legalize medical marijuana use, more producers are opening up advanced facilities to meet demand. In Smith Falls, Ontario, a former Hershey’s chocolate factory has been transformed into a growing and processing plant for cannabis. This isn’t just an indoor farm, it’s an updated space with automated equipment to keep the lines moving efficiently.

As we can see, there are many new trends reshaping the face of healthcare. Overall, the focus is creating a more personalized experience for consumers to better address their unique issues. At TCA, we’re happy to help pharmaceutical and medtech companies create tailored solutions for their automated manufacturing processes.