TCA Technologies Announces Job Openings

As we look forward to expanding our facilities in 2015 to meet the strong demand for TCA’s custom-engineered manufacturing systems, we are recruiting additional staff in a number of areas. If you feel that you fit the bill for any of the positions listed below, we encourage you to apply and join our growing team.

Sales & Applications Specialist: With a technical education and experience in the custom machinery design/build industry, the S&A Specialist works with existing and potential customers to determine their needs, develop appropriate concepts, prepare cost estimates and pricing, produce and present a technical sales proposal and work with the customer toward a final solution.

Machine Builders: Post-secondary education combined with experience as a machinery assembler and/or millwright are needed for this position. Necessary skills included the ability to read and follow drawings, meticulous attention to detail and the ability to work collaboratively with others. This position may also offer the opportunity to travel to customer locations to provide service and installation assistance.

CNC Machinists: Machining or Toolmaking Certificates of Qualification are desirable prerequisites.  Working with a CNC Programmer, a CNC Machinist uses job orders and blueprints to determine required operations and tolerances. A CNC operator is responsible for machine set up and control of speed, feed, and other variables.  May include the possibility to learn CNC machine programming using CAM programs.

Technical Marketing Writer: This position supports TCA Technologies’ sales and marketing activities through the development of written copy for social media, print marketing, press releases, website, email marketing and any other marketing campaigns and/or materials. Technical report writing for some other functions is also expected. Experience in a technical environment combined with advanced interviewing and writing skills are needed.

Mechanical Designer: A University or College Degree/Diploma and relevant experience are essential to function in this role which designs and documents all aspects of a project in accordance with specifications and applicable industry standards. Meeting budget and time constraints add to the challenge. Customer coordination and working with a multi-discipline team are essential elements.

Electrical Control Design/Programming: A Degree/Diploma in Mechatronics or equivalent is required. The position involves the design and programming of control systems using a wide range of controllers, drives, robots, HMIs, vision and data acquisition systems. Mechanical/Electrical troubleshooting, travel to customer sites and the ability to work within budget and time constraints are all part of the role.

For more information about any of the positions listed above and/or to apply, please send questions and resumes to and specify which role you would like to be considered for. Resumes can also be faxed to 519-824-9053.

Plastics Offer New Solutions to Old Problems in Infrastructure

Rusted Pipes, Rusty Pipes, Aging Infrastructure, Old Metal Pipes

Aging Pipes Needing Replacement

By now, you’ve likely read countless stories about bursting pipes wreaking havoc on natural gas infrastructure. These pipes are often more than 50 years old and are made from cast iron or steel, which used to be standard materials though they are subject to corrosion over time. A CBS investigation found that nearly a quarter of gas pipelines in Florida fall into this category of pipes that are more than half a century old and in need of replacement or repair.

To address this aging infrastructure and prevent future failures, many utilities and private companies are replacing cast iron and steel pipes with plastic gas lines. In states like New Jersey that were hit hard by storm surges in recent years, it is especially important to consider factors such as corrosion when selecting new materials. The threat of salt water exposure and pressure changes must be factored into the infrastructure replacement strategy.

Even in states without major flood zones, aging cast iron and steel pipes represent a major problem. More than 20% of Pennsylvania’s gas distribution pipe is older than 50 years, and has exceeded its anticipated lifespan. With gas line replacement plans continuing through the next few decades, most replacement lines will be made of durable plastic.

According to the American Gas Association, as of 2007, plastic natural gas service lines accounted for 63% of those installed in the United States. This is a step in the right direction as we work to improve the durability and cost efficiency of infrastructure throughout North America. The Association has long been collecting data to ensure the safety and effectiveness of materials used in natural gas pipelines, and is satisfied with the results of plastic pipe performance.

As more pipelines are updated with plastic materials, it will be interesting to witness the benefits of the updated systems over time. We look forward to working with manufacturers of plastic and composite piping. TCA Technologies has a wealth of knowledge in the development of processes and machinery systems for the plastics and composites sector. To discuss your project, please contact us online or call 519.824.8711.