The Importance of Ergonomically Designed Assembly Fixtures

You may have heard that September is National Preparedness Month. With this month-long event comes a string of tips to help prepare for major emergencies – including weather related incidents, power outages, contagious disease outbreaks, etc. But some emergencies are more preventable than others. The trick is to identify problems before they’ve happened, and prepare an environment that can actually prevent them from happening in the future.

Turn Key Automation System for Automotive Industry

Turn Key Automation System for Automotive Industry

Taking advantage of ergonomically designed assembly fixtures is one way that facility managers can avoid unnecessary injuries in the workplace. Repetitive motion injuries are a common issue for factory workers, and yet may not be widely recognized or addressed. They happen when a part of the body is forced to undergo strain or stretching on a regular basis. If a worker is constantly bending over and lifting objects, for example, a repetitive motion injury is a serious concern.

To avoid these types of injuries, it’s important to make sure that machines are ergonomically designed with operators in mind. This means that proper functioning of the machine or tool should reduce the amount of bending, lifting, and stretching that is necessary to operate it. It also means that managers should take a look at which processes might be worth automating. If there’s a job that requires constant heavy lifting and moving, see if there’s an automated system that could be implemented instead. TCA Technologies’ team of engineers is well-versed in crafting ergonomically designed assembly fixtures for our customers. The system will still require regular set up, maintenance, and observation, so the jobs themselves will not be replaced – they’ll just be less likely to cause long-term damage.

If there isn’t an automated process ready to take on your particular project, you should consider implementing custom industrial automated equipment that can be designed and manufactured to fit your needs.

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