Making the Case for Automation on the Plant Floor

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Automated Assembly Fixture Equipment

Many industries have been feeling the effects of a skilled labor shortage. Not least of which is the manufacturing sector, which is struggling to find qualified workers who can replace an aging workforce nearing retirement. To combat this manufacturing skills-gap, many companies are looking to robotics. But it’s not just a worker shortage that’s expanding the role of technology; robots on the assembly line are also helping to boost productivity overall as they work alongside people.

A GIGAOM article cites many companies that are finding success with automation on the plant floor. Tesla’s automated assembly line in particular has gotten much attention, with robots that are able to perform multiple different tasks. This lowers the cost of production by reducing the amount of machines necessary to do each task, which then helps to bring down the price of the electric cars being produced.

GKN Aerospace is also looking to improve aircraft manufacturing through new advancements in automation. The goal is to reduce production time by 30% without sacrificing part quality. The work is being done in collaboration with the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre at Sheffield University and Nikon Metrology.

The automation process is designed to be efficient, consistent, and easily transferable to future aircraft structure development. Major aerospace manufacturing companies are already on-board with the project, which aims to pave the way for future production methods over the next few decades.

TCA Technologies looks forward to seeing more examples of automation in the news. We’re also excited to play a role in the design of advanced industrial automated equipment. To learn more about automation in manufacturing, please feel free to visit us online. You can also request a quote to see how our solutions can improve production at your plant. We look forward to coming up with a custom solution to fit your needs.